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Student Athletic Training Class

This class was developed for Senior HS Students whom are continuing higher education in medical-health fields.  There is a, "lecture Series," below that will give valuable knowledge to take with you to College/University.  Do all lecture and we will write 40hrs of Voluntary Medical Class under a Certified Athletic Trainer.  Additionally:  We will provide below a list of Varsity Football Games and other where you may come to help/obtain observation hours.  No Cost and completely up to you how much/many lectures/hours you attend.

Class 1:  CPR/AED and First Aid


Go to our HOME page.  Scroll down on left side see: coaches view prior to class.  View ALL CPR, AED and First Aid Videos.  Take both the CPR and First Aid Tests.  Make appointment (518.496.4976, Ron Annis) to bring to Top Form and show CPR skills.  You will then receive CPR-AED-First Aid Certifications.

Class 2:  Medical Terminology

Watch Medical Movement Terminology:


Understanding medical language is essential in moving through the next classes.  Most are video based lessons that will be using this very language.

Define the following:

____ Lateral                                               

____ Medial

____ Distal

____ Proximal

____ Anterior

____ Posterior

____ Cartilage

____ Epiphyseal Plate

____ Superior

____ Inferior

____ Pronation

____ Supination

____ Meniscus

____ Fascia

A) Closer to

B) Sideways

C) Growth plate

D) In front of

E) Center

F) Further out

G) Soft tissue between joints on the ends of                bones, prevents friction

H) In back of

A) Turning the wrist up

B) Above

C) Cartilage in the knees which helps prevent friction

D) Web of tissue surrounding the body that provides, support, protection, and structural integrity

E) Below

F) Turning the wrist down

Class 3:  The Ankle

Ankle and Ligaments

Watch Bones of the Foot/Ankle:


Watch Ligaments of the Ankle:


Watch Muscle and Tendons of the Foot/Ankle:


Now to:  Lab Ankle Taping

Here you will learn to tape an ankle.  Go to any of the listed Football contest and there a Certified Athletic Trainer will show you Ankle Taping Technique

Class 4:  The Knee

Watch Anatomy of the Knee Joint:

Class 5:  The Hip

Watch Anatomy Muscle of the Hip and Thigh:


Watch General Video of Pelvis:

Class 6:  The Core

Watch Muscles of the Anterior Core:


Watch Muscles of the Posterior Core/Back:


Watch Common Pathology of the Low Back:

Anatomy Drawing

Class 7: Bones and Muscles of the Chest 

Watch Bones and Muscles of the Chest:

Chest Cavity

Class 8: Bones and Muscles of the Shoulder 

Class 9: Anatomy of the Elbow 

Watch Complete Anatomy of the Elbow:

Class 10: Anatomy of the Hand 

Watch Bones, Muscles and Ligaments of the Hand:

2021 Football Schedule


Week 1:  Friday 9/3 Ichabod Crane 7pm

                Saturday 9/4  Chatham 1pm


Week 2:  Friday 9/10  Hudson, Rensselaer, Chatham all 7pm


Week 3:  Friday 9/17  Hudson, Stillwater, Ichabod all 7pm


Week 4:  Friday 9/24  Renssealer, Taconic 7pm

                Saturday 9/25  Chatham  1pm


Week 5:  Friday10/1  Hudson, Taconic, Ichabod all 7pm

                Saturday 10/2 and 10/3   


Week 6:  Friday  10/8  Rensselaer, Chatham, Taconic all 7pm

                Saturday 10/9   and 10/10 Maple Hill Weekend 9-5pm


Week 7:  Friday  10/15   Hudson, Chatham, Taconic all 7pm


Week 8:  Friday   10/22   Chatham, Taconic, Ichabod all 7pm


Week 9:  TBD

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