Our courses are administered in an intense, condensed and in a consecutive day format. We do this so that the course can be completed as effective as posssible.

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Course Schedules

Work place CPR/AED


NYS Coaches


2020 Winter Coaching Class






(All classes held at Top Form East Greenbush location, Phase Classes may be taken live or remotely via Zoom)

Philosophy, Principles and the Organization of Athletics in Education (Phase 1) August 1-7 2022, Monday- Thursday : 6 Pm - 10 Pm & Saturday 9 Am - 6 Pm

  • Health Sciences Applied to Coaching (Phase 2)  August 8-14, 2022    Monday- Thursday : 630-10 Pm & Saturday 9-?

  • Theory and Techniques of Coaching (Phase 3) August 15,16 and 17,     Monday-Wednesday 630-930pm

  • CPR/AED/FA- NYS Education Department Coaches Saturday/ Sunday, August 20, 21